The 2,500 square metres distribution centre in Huntingdon was bursting at the seams due to a significant increase in the demand for Cath Kidston’s designer home and fashion merchandise which is sold via the web site or designer retail outlets. A significant increase in floor space for picking was urgently required. Our solution was to install a fully fire clad structural steel mezzanine floor designed to integrate with the existing shelving layout and new packing line conveyors. As interference with the daily warehouse operation was not acceptable this mezzanine floor was constructed during the night with minimum disruption.



Mezzanine floors are constructed from fabricated steel RHS columns, universal main beams, galvanised steel purlins with cleat connections and 30 mm thick tongue and grooved high density particle board decking. The decking is rigidly fixed to the galvanised steel purlins with self drilling decking screws, the purlins are fixed into the web of the universal beams with bolted cleat connectors creating a narrow floor profile. The universal main beams are supported on fabricated columns which have base plates secured to your concrete floor with anchor bolts. All exposed edges of the floor are protected by hand railing and kick boards and fabricated steel staircases provide easy access for pedestrians.

Fire protection is achieved by installing a fire rated suspended ceiling and galvanised steel column cladding. Protected means of escape may also be required depending on the site conditions.

Building Control Approval is obtained via the approved building inspector method. The inspector will check all structural calculations, seek approval from your local fire department and ensure compliance of health and safety legislation.


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