Seko Synergy Group Logistics of Tottenham required additional capacity within their 7,000 square metres pre retail centre to keep pace with the demands of the high street fashion retailers they have served for over 20 years. Synergy process hundreds of thousands of boxed and hanging garments per week and needed more work space together with additional hanging capacity. We increased the area of mezzanine floor to the maximum for this site and installed additional slickrail holding lanes for hanging garments which were suspended from the underside of the floor. A new facility was also created to receive additional hanging merchandise for fast track processing and distribution.

Aspen & Court

Suppliers of quality menswear to Greenwoods needed to equip a 1,500 square metres warehouse in Halifax with a limited budget. This client purchased an existing hanging garment warehouse system which we dismantled, transported and reconstructed in line with our new layout drawings to provide a hanging goods in facility, powered inclined conveyor, processing service rails for the steam tunnel and hand pressing, hanging garment storage racks and goods out holding lanes.


Garment handling systems are suspended from galvanised tubular steel or powder coated steel box section columns and headers or from racking. The overhead rail track can be simple slickrail from 20 mm zinc passivated square tube or trolley rail from 27 mm outside diameter galvanised tube.

SLICKRAIL – Allows the movement of hanging garments without trolleys

TROLLEY RAIL – Allows the movement of hanging garments on trolleys



Each system uses simple junctions to direct merchandise to goods in or goods out holding areas, processing, pre retail or storage racking or to powered conveyors for higher or lower levels.


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